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Block Win have many game modes, users can get 1 times, 6 times, or even 60 times the game rewards Block Win was incubated by the VIP hall business group of Malaysia Genting Group and operated independently.
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What is the difference between BLOCK and WIN?

BLOCK is a profit sharing agent, you can enjoy the profit sharing of the platform by pledging in the APP, and up to 80% of the profit will be used for pledging profit sharing. WIN is a game token, you can experience the fairness and fun of the platform through WIN, and through the ranking you can get the golden ticket to win USDT, ETH and other rewards.

How to check the authenticity of lottery data?

Users can view the data for each game via the Fair and Open Blockchain Tour at https://etherscan.io/

Does BLOCK WIN issue substitute pens?

Contract address: 0x18d1656cfa3EeDC01A04780a7D837e10766005c0
Contract Open Source:
https://etherscan.io/token/0x18d1656cfa3EeDC01A04780a7D 837e10766005c0#code
Total Quantity: 1000W BLOCK, Initial Price: 0.2USDT, Valuation: 2 Million USDT

BLOCK WIN's Platform Advantage?

As Block Win is based on blockchain technology, data and transaction records during gameplay are publicly visible and cannot be easily tampered with or manipulated. In addition, players can also enhance the entertainment and socialization of the game by communicating and interacting with other players. Whether for players who like gaming games or those who are interested in blockchain technology, Block Win is a game worth trying!